ShaktiCTF 2022


  1. This is a beginner friendly CTF with primary goal to encourage more women to get started with playing CTFs.

  2. A team is expected to have 1-4 participants only

  3. Team creation should be done only by one member of the team

  4. The caption/person who created the team has to share the invite code with other members who wish to join the team

  5. Do not register multiple accounts.

  6. Do not troll/spam in the support Channels.

  7. No DoS, DDoS, brute force, automated scans, or generating any large amount of traffic by any other means on any challenges and other contest infrastructure would be tolerated. It is neither permitted nor intended in any of the challenges.

  8. Participants are not allowed to publish the solution for any challenge during the course of the game.

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